2021 Virtual Races

ABP Newport Wales Marathon & 10K | NEWPORT, WALES

Whilst we’re disappointed that some runners cannot make the rescheduled event date in 2021, we’re hugely excited that for the second year running hundreds of runners are opting to run virtually instead!

The virtual race will run between 1 – 31 October, with all of those completing the marathon or 10K distance earning their very own 2021 medal and finishers t-shirt.

The 2021 virtual race is only open to those that were registered for the 2020 race who have opted to run virtually instead of attending the rescheduled event on Sunday 24 October 2021.

Those signed up will receive instructions by e-mail before the participation window opens on 1 October.


The race will run between 1 – 31 October 2021. You can participate any time during this window but must submit your results and support evidence by midnight on 31 October.

You can participate from any outdoor location, or on a treadmill from any worldwide location. You’ll just need to collect some supporting evidence that you have covered the race distance such as photographs of gym equipment or screenshot from a fitness tracker or GPS activity.

A Step By Step Guide To Your Virtual Race

1. Pick Your Race Date

You can participate any time between 1 – 31 October, so rally your support crew, take a look at the weather forecast and pick a suitable date to race.

You may have a better experience if you go for a time of day or day of the week that’s less busy.

2. Plan Your Route

Picking a route is all down to personal preference, but make sure you choose one that makes sticking to social distancing easy. Without all the normal race day amenities, picking a lapped route means you can use your own front door as a drinks station or nip in to use your own toilet if you need to. Avoiding traffic lights or road crossings (if possible) will make for a more pleasant experience too. 

You may want to plan for some friends or family to join you (socially distanced and within any local Coronavirus guidelines) for some of your race – this will give you extra motivation, especially in the later stages.

Do not attempt to complete the actual race route in Newport – road closures will not be in place so it will not be safe to do so. If you try and attend the live event on Sunday 24 October you will not be allowed into the start pens or onto the course as you will not have a race number.

3. Gather Your Evidence

Have a think about the evidence you’ll gather during your run, that you can use to verify your performance. Evidence can be a photograph of gym equipment or a screenshot from a fitness tracker or GPS activity.

You must the 10K distance as part of one activity but there is no time limit on completing it (so you can walk some or all of the distance if you like).

4. Plan Your Hydration & Nutrition

Without race day aid stations, you’ll need to think about your hydration and nutrition during the race. Consider planning a route that means you can pass by your front door or a safe place you can leave water or nutrition products. Don’t try anything new that you haven’t practiced with in training and make sure you dispose of any litter.

5. Run Your Race & Upload Your Result

Participate from any outdoor location or gym and make sure you gather some supporting evidence. Once completed, click the ‘submit result’ buttons above (or in your confirmation email) to upload your result.

You will need to enter your registration ID which is mentioned above and in the confirmation email you received when signing up, before proceeding to enter your finish time (in HH:MM:SS format) and upload your supporting evidence. 

6. Share & Celebrate

We want to be with you every step of the way, just like it were a real race day. Send a before and after selfie, log your progress with a video halfway around or let us know how you’re celebrating once you’ve finished on TwitterFacebook and Instagram

8. Receive Your Finishers Items

Shortly after the participation window closes at the end of October, we will e-mail all finishers with a link to view the official verified results and to confirm that finishers’ t-shirts and medals have been dispatched. They should arrive 2-3 working days after dispatch.

Virtual Event FAQs

1. How do I upload my result?

To upload your result, click 10K button towards the top of this email. You will need to enter your registration ID (which can be seen above or in your confirmation email) before proceeding to enter your finish time (in HH:MM:SS format) and upload your supporting evidence. 

2. When can I participate in the virtual race?

You can record and submit a result anytime between 26 September – 26 October but must submit your result online before midnight on 26 October. Late submissions will not be accepted and you will not be able to appear on the official results if you do not submit before the deadline.

3. When will I receive my medal and t-shirt?

Finishers packs (including medals and t-shirts) will be dispatched at the end of the participation window (26 October) and should arrive within 3 working days of dispatch. You will receive an email to confirm when it has been dispatched.

4. Do I need to run the whole race distance in one go?

As you would have if you had been participating in the real event this September, you will need to cover the race distance in one go. Unlike in the real thing, we won’t have roads to re-open to get the city moving again so there will be no time limit on completing the virtual race. This means you may walk some or all of the distance if you need to. 

5. How do I ensure my safety?

You will need to be responsible for your own health and safety. Please ensure you practice social distancing where possible. Running laps near to your home means you’ll never be far away if you get into difficulty, and you can leave sports products or water on your doorstep and use your home as an aid station during the race.