Meet the ABP runners taking part in the Newport Marathon Festival

ABP Newport Marathon Festival | NEWPORT, WALES

In the heart of Newport on 28 April, individuals from the Newport Marathon Festival’s title sponsor, ABP, are uniting under a common goal – to conquer their own personal challenges through the power of running.

Meet Sophie Bowyer, a surveyor based in Cardiff, alongside Hannah Kitcher, a Regional Communications Manager, and Edd Lumby, a Port Management Graduate, each with their unique stories, motivations, and aspirations as they prepare for the Newport Half Marathon and 10K.

Sophie Bowyer: The Newport Half Marathon isn’t just about covering miles for Sophie, it’s about embracing the journey and pushing boundaries. Having completed three 10k races last year, Sophie sought a new challenge, driven by the promise of personal achievement. “It’s been 8 years since my last Half Marathon,” she shares, “and after completing three 10k races last year, I wanted to take on a new challenge.” Her motivation stems from the profound sense of accomplishment that accompanies crossing the finish line.

Hannah Kitcher: Rediscovering joy in running, Hannah’s journey to the Newport 10K is one marked by resilience and renewal. “I used to be a big runner,” she recalls, “but it fell away due to ill health.” Despite facing setbacks, Hannah found inspiration in the enthusiasm and sense of achievement displayed by her ABP colleagues who had participated in similar events. For her, running is no longer a means of obsession but a source of joy. “I run for positive reasons,” she asserts, “raising my heart rate, the endorphins you feel after, the sense of achievement.”

Edd Lumby: Bridging boundaries through running, Edd’s decision to tackle the Half Marathon during his out-of-region placement in Newport shows his passion for running. For Edd, running isn’t just about physical fitness, it’s a form of mental clarity and purpose. “It gives me structure, purpose, and helps me think clearly,” he shares.

Sophie, Hannah, and Edd are running with 20 ABP colleagues across the events on race day and they all  find common ground in the shared experience of running. While Sophie draws strength from the camaraderie of running with colleagues, Hannah finds drive in the supportive community spirit of events like Parkrun. For Edd, the knowledge that fellow ABP employees are undertaking similar challenges serves as both motivation and support.

When the finish line comes: Along with many of the other participants on the day, Sophie, Hannah, and Edd look forward to indulging in well-deserved treats. For Sophie, it’s a family meal filled with hearty carbs, celebrating both her achievement and her mother’s birthday. Hannah plans to toast her success with a well earned beer. And for Edd, it’s the simple pleasure of a Pizza or a Lamb Naga curry, a reward for a race well-run.

The ABP team wish everyone taking part from ABP, as well as the other participants, good luck for the day!