Why can 10K be the perfect running distance? 10 reasons…

ABP Newport Marathon Festival | NEWPORT, WALES

There’s great debate about the ultimate running distance. In terms of raw distance, there’s no doubting how impressive a marathon is. It challenges a runner both mentally and physically, and we wish our ABP Newport Wales Marathon runners all the luck on the 29th April. There’s more to running than just distance, though. Here, we put forward the case of the 10K, arguing why for some, it’s the perfect race.

1 – Balance. Firstly, it ticks many boxes for some in terms of balance. Less experienced runners can realistically take on 10K races with appropriate training. They’ll still feel it in their legs post-run, but that’s why we love it, right?

2 – New routes, new adventures. Our ABP Newport Wales Marathon & 10K is fortunate to be able to roll out a brand-new event on a fantastic new route. Because 10K races journey through smaller towns and cities, there’s more opportunities to travel around the UK (even the globe) in search of new routes.

3 -Sociable. Being shorter than a marathon for example, a 10K presents a fine opportunity to run with friends. You might want to sign up for a running club in the local area or perhaps, this might finally be the occasion to encourage your friend to run alongside you.

4 -Switching off. When we run, we strive to reach a point where we can switch off and get into a rhythm that feels relaxing. A 10K gives you enough time to get into the zone, enjoy it, then come out of it feeling refreshed. Ok, perhaps that isn’t quite the word. Revived?

5 -Being charitable. You don’t have to run silly (unrealistic) miles to fundraise for a charity close to your heart. We have a number of charities doing great things across the UK and in Wales, so why not get involved and make your 10K miles matter that little bit more.

6 -Small steps. A 10K is often a big step up for our runners. They might be frequent parkrunners or casual trainers, so taking part in a competitive 10K is the necessary step up they need to progress their fitness and work towards the next goal.

7 -Finding the hours. Regardless of your job or family commitments, there is always time in the week to train for a 10K. You don’t need to drop all your hobbies and dedicate a couple of hours per day, rather  make sure you keep your training ticking along and work towards the distance carefully.

8 -A heap of benefits. Not only will you receive a unique 10K technical finishers t-shirt and medal to go with your successes, you’ll be able to revel in Newport’s roaring marathon crowds as they welcome the event for its inaugural year. All that without taking on the full 26.2 miles.

9 -Keeping up your 2018 fitness. A 10K is not only achievable for casual runners, but their regularity throughout the year gives you good reason to stay fit through all of 2018. From the Cardiff Bay Run to the Barry Island 10K later in August, there’s plenty of opportunity to keep fit this year!

10 -PB Opportunities. Maybe you’re here for the thrills, maybe you’re ultra-competitive. We like both personalities but if you’re the latter, the ABP Newport Wales 10K throws up a genuinely exciting chance to have a go at beating, no, smashing, your 10K personal best.

Do you want to explore why 10K is the perfect running distance? Marathon runners, do you want to see your supporters join you one day in the mammoth distance? Encourage them to try a 10K out. With the 10K starting later, they’ll still be able to get their own legs going and watch marathon runners cross the finish line!

To take on this year’s ABP Newport Wales 10K, you can register here.

Later in the year, Run 4 Wales will be hosting another new 10K in Barry Island. Register here.

For discounted places on both events as part of the Run 4 Wales 10K Series, check out the 2 Event Pass.