ABP Committed To Improving Community Wellbeing

ABP Newport Marathon Festival | NEWPORT, WALES

Recently, more than ever, millions have found solace in a simple, consistent formula, that has provided a much-needed lifeline – Regular Running equals improved physical and mental wellbeing.

ABP, a proud partner of R4W events (Newport Wales Marathon, Cardiff Bay Run, Barry Island 10K and Cardiff Half Marathon) are flying the flag for the running and wellbeing correlation and is ready to do its bit to encourage those internally within their business, as well as those externally in surrounding communities to lace up their running shoes.

You may ask what links the UK’s leading port operator has to the world of running,  but as Steven Harrison, ABP Divisional Port Manager – East Wales and South Wales, explains “In the last 6 months, the word ‘community’ has been used more than ever, with people appreciating the merits of strength through unity, with everyone playing their part.”

Many of our ports are situated within the heart of local communities, providing jobs, international links, and are a vital component of UK business. We have a responsibility and a platform that allows us to do our bit to help society get back on track – and where better to start than wellbeing.

It would be easy just to look inwards, but that is not what we are about.  Throughout the pandemic, we have worked hard to highlight the importance of physical and mental wellbeing for colleagues. Running is a great example of an activity that they could engage in to improve both and our partnership with Run 4 Wales reflects this view.”

We appreciate that the sporting industry is entering into an unprecedented era, which is why our sponsorship of key Welsh endurance events such as the Newport Wales marathon is as vital as ever, and we have never been more committed. 

Year on year endurance events provide motivation to thousands of runners, who want a goal to train and reach for. The more runners inspired, the more people running regularly within our communities, which links us all the way back to a rise in improved wellbeing.”

Deborah Powell, Commercial Director of R4W said, “We recently stepped away from using the word sponsorship, replacing it with the word partners, as that’s what our relationship with companies such as ABP are; partnerships.

We have a shared objective to make a positive difference to communities throughout Wales and are delighted to have ABP as part of the R4W family.”