Keep on Running – Read Jamie Lewis’ Story

ABP Newport Marathon Festival | NEWPORT, WALES

Title partners ABP have been promoting wellbeing in the workplace through races like the ABP Newport Wales Marathon and 10K. Here, we look at one of the ABP workers.

Can you introduce yourself to our readers and describe your role at ABP?
Hi my name is Jamie Lewis and I am a lock controller for ABP in Swansea. I have been with company for 3 years and my role is to operate the lock gates for the safe passage of ships locking in and out of Swansea dock.  
How long have you been running and have you participated in many events?
I’ve been running now for around 7 years and for the past 5 years with my local running club Port Talbot harriers’ have taken part in many events everything for 5k up to the marathon including the previous Newport wales marathon.
What do you like most about running and what would you say are the most challenging parts?
The best part about running is the freedom it gives me.Just stick my trainers on and away I go, It Wasn’t easy at the start but your body soon adapts to the demand and its great when you can see the progress you make,thou I would say the most challenging part would be getting up on those cold Sunday morning as your prepare for those long miles building up to the marathon. But once you have done it you feel great !. 
Do you have any memorable running experience/story you’d like to share?
I would say the most memorable experience I have had is completing my 1st marathon just getting that medal around your neck and knowing that the pain of getting up on those dark cold mornings has payed off. Even struggling to walk for the next couple of days is worth it .
If you could give one piece of advice to runners, what would it be?
Enjoy it and keep it fun don’t worry about times if your starting off  progress will come if you consistent enough and don’t forget to smile for the photographers.