The ABP Newport Wales Marathon Race Day…

ABP Newport Marathon Festival | NEWPORT, WALES

When marathon race day comes, your mind goes into overdrive! Excitement, anticipation, worry, should I have gone to the toilet earlier?

Off the back of another successful 2019 ABP Newport Wales Marathon, we wanted to help our runners get familiar with the ebb and flow of a big-city marathon!

The night before race day

Carbs, carbs and more carbs. A few nerves but you’ve got a night’s sleep ahead of you to help mentally prepare! Re-evaluating the route map and constantly checking through your race pack. Can it really be that flat?

Race day morning

If, like many of our 2019 runners, this is your first marathon – you probably didn’t sleep fantastically. Nerves are jangling but getting your breakfast down is essential. The journey to Newport city centre feels like it takes an eternity – but the atmosphere is worth the wait.

Pen-filling time

Suddenly you’re feeling confident. Thousands of other marathoners are ready to start their journey, too. The pre-race buzz far outweighs the nerves. The only side effect? You need to go to the toilet again.

The start gun sounds…

The crowds are cheering and you set off at an unsustainable pace in an attempt to keep up with the elites. After about 30 seconds, you realise this isn’t what you trained for a settle back into the more comfortable pace that you trained for. The 26.2 mile journey is underway.

Setting the pace

The first few miles are just like you’d imagined. A roaring start, plenty of runners to enjoy the experience with, crowds and stunning views over the SDR bridge.

Onto Magor

After enjoying the east of the city and its rural areas, you head into Magor at 10 miles. You’ve heard all about the reception you’ll receive there. Hundreds of spectators welcome you to the village with motivational signage and a carnival atmosphere. You’re feeling rejuvenated!

It’s really this flat?

Your legs are starting to ache but you’re also beginning to realise that no, there really are no hills! From miles 15-22, you enjoy getting into your stride while taking in the surrounding coastal wildlife.

To sprint finish?

From mile 20-onwards, your attentions turn to that long-awaited finish. A PB is still within your reach, so naturally you start thinking about how you’ll celebrate. Best not to jinx it just yet.

The famous Transporter Bridge!

You caught a glimpse of this at the very start, which means one thing – the end is nigh! A loop toward and back from the iconic City Transporter Bridge, one of only a few still in use across the globe, signals the end of the race is nearing!

The finish!

You can hear music over the tannoy, the crowds are mounting and the revamped city centre is on the horizon. An unforgettable Welsh crowd welcomes you down the finishing straight before you cross the finish line to end your #Newport262 journey

Your just rewards

You’re barely able to walk, but you conjure up just enough energy to collect your goody bag and medal! You don your finishers t-shirt in style and pose for a photo in front of the photo wall.

What next?

After chatting with friends over a few drinks, you deliberate your next challenge. Entries for the 2020 ABP Newport Wales Marathon on Sunday 19th April are now open at a discounted Launch Entry price of £39, saving you £10 vs general entries! You want to relive the day all over again.

You can view the full highlights package of the ABP Newport Wales Marathon & 10K here!

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