Vital Tips Now You’ve Signed Up for A Marathon

ABP Newport Marathon Festival | NEWPORT, WALES

So, you’ve registered for the ABP Newport Wales Marathon – but there’s still just under six months to go. You don’t want to start training properly just yet as you want to stay clear of injury, but you need to put in the groundwork to make sure you’re ready come 5th May.

We’ve listed 5 of the most vital early training tips now you’ve committed to the big distance.

1 Get Social

The ABP Newport Wales Marathon community is growing by the day, and there are plenty of ways to get social with other runners who have, like you, entered into one of the toughest challenges in road running. You can follow us on Facebook or Twitter, subscribe to our mailing list or join our verified Strava club. In doing that, you’ll be mixing with the marathon community, sharing tips and advice and keeping an eye on your progress compared to others.

2 Start eating well

With a marathon comes a bit of sacrifice. You don’t just turn up on the day and run 26.2 miles. That’s why when you cross the finish line, the feeling of accomplishment is unrivalled. If you can take control of diet now, you’ll be better prepared once it comes to starting training. Don’t mistake your pre-training diet for your marathon training diet, where you’ll be replacing burned-off calories with heavy carb intake. Before you put in the miles, you want to be feeling healthy. That can be anything from reducing your alcohol intake to taking on a more balanced diet.

3 Equip yourself

From the right training app to your footwear – everything needs to be just right before your training ramps up. Get your running trainers early and have a few light jogs in them. If they aren’t quite right, keep searching until you find the right ones. Find a training app that works for you. Kit yourself in winter running gear that feels comfortable to run long distances in. Use your weather app. Consider all the gear even if you have no idea – yet!

4 Plan out your training

The worst thing you can do when marathon training is to lunge into something too demanding. 26.2 miles seems a long way away, but with a weekly plan, you’ll get there in no time. If you’re a first-time marathon runner, we’d suggest working off a 20-week training plan. If you’ve done it before, you’ll know your own plan. But make sure you do plan!

5 Enjoy the next 6 months

There will be tough times and enjoyable times (and you’ll experience the peak of both on race day!) – but a marathon is a once in a lifetime event – make the most of these 6 months!